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We're here to help grow your small business or organization, so every package is fully customizable to meet your needs.
The packages shown here are simply suggestions based on our most common client packages.

 YES! All our packages may be custom-built based on your needs. These proposed packages are simply suggested package ideas.
 Online Marketing Stage Desired 

Want your marketing to just focus on the minimum activities to generate online traffic or prefer a more complete set of marketing services. Not sure? Contact us and we'll help you decide

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 Marketing Plan Focus 

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Automated Digital Marketing
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Complete Digital Marketing
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Brand Awareness + Lead Generation
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 Marketing Strategy Consulting 

No marketing campaign can be successful without the proper planning, research, and marketing plan strategy behind it.
For that reason, all of our marketing plans include marketing consulting and strategy planning with our company's founder.

 Marketing Meetings with Our Team 

Part of our commitment to help our customers, includes meeting with them regularly to discuss existing and future campaigns, to evaluate ongoing results, and to ensure we're constantly moving towards achieving your company's goals.

 Marketing Campaign Center & CRM) 

We'll setup and customize a customer relationship management system (CRM) and teach you it will become your marketing and sales digital activities headquarters, and how it will help improve productivity and boost your performance.

 Advertising Campaign: Web Traffic Generation 

The short/medium-term digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website requires the design and setup of an online advertising campaign.
As part of our online marketing plans, we setup a Google AdWords or Facebook ADs campaign.

 Landing Page for Lead Capturing 

A landing page is 1-page website specifically designed for capturing online leads (user's name and email, etc)that are directed to this page after clicking on an AD from an online advertising campaign.
The landing page includes design, content development (up to 500 words), stock-free photos, graphics (up to 5 graphics), setup of the landing page and integration with your E-mail marketing or CRM software

 Lead Magnet Development (PDF giveaway) 

A lead magnet is a tool, most often in the form of a PDF guide, e-book, or checklist used to attract and acquire leads (potential clients).
The lead magnet is usually free, yet access to download it requires users to provide their contact information (Such as their name and email).
All our marketing plans include the creation of a lead magnet: Including ideation, content research and development, and graphic design.

 Lead Nurturing E-mail Campaign 

lead nurturing campaigns are composed of E-mail autoresponders delivering a series of E-mails to your contacts, without you having to manually send multiple emails. Saving you lots of timing and semi-automating your sales process.

 Social Media Management 

This may include setting up your social media profiles, designing graphics for them, and the active weekly maintenance of each account.
On a weekly basis our team would post, tweet, publish, upload or pin depending on what your social profiles are. All plans include managing a Facebook account, which requires a monthly budget for paid promoted posts.

 Content Marketing via Blog Posts 

Content Marketing refers to the concept of delivering valuable information to your potential and existing clients in order to build and grow a positive perception, trust and bond with your company or brand.
Content comes in many shapes and sizes so we start by creating written content through blog post specifically targeted to your customers' and industry's interests and needs.

 E-mail Marketing Blasts 

E-mail marketing is still one of today's most efficient online marketing tools to generate new business as people check their e-mail every day, and you own your e-mail list.
We help our clients with E-mail marketing strategy, design, implementation, content development, monthly setup, reports and more.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

A short term marketing strategy requires you to pay for advertising in order to generate traffic to your site. While long-run strategy focuses on organically ranking higher on search engines (non-paid).
We optimize your website's content to ensure your ideal customers have a better chance at finding you organically.

 Advanced Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation refers to the implementation of a system that helps a business to automate many of their repetitive marketing tasks.
Businesses with high volumes of leads will benefit from such a system, as it helps them to not only reach out to many people easily, but also lets them score leads, create follow-up tasks, and help a sales team focus on only contacting qualified leads over the phone.

 Advanced Lead Capturing and Analytics 

Our marketing experts will implement cutting-edge tools to help you capture even more leads from your website, help you grow your e-mail list, and provide you with advanced analytic tools to better understand how your users are interacting with your website and content.

 Marketing Plan Period 

This refers to the minimum period that you must commit for the Marketing package chosen.

12 Months Minimum
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